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IC inbox for [community profile] thewake

Yo. It's Keith. Leave me a message or whatever.
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April 22nd - Video

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[[OoC: A few minutes after this goes up. ]]

Keith, did you see that strange message earlier?

[ Back in her room at the Southern Welcome house, she still looks pretty tired but when isn't she these days? ]

... It might be a pointless question, but have you any inkling of just what that thing is?
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April 22nd - Video

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[ She pauses, frowning at the window of her room before turning back to the book. ]

Perhaps we should see what others speak of it, to find out.

... I do not know why, but... How it stood, why it sent a message like that...


[ She's having trouble expressing that she finds the whole thing unsettling at the least, and before too long she ends up giving up on that and trying to shake it off. ]

Perhaps you should seek shelter elsewhere for a while? There is always more room at the welcome house here, if you like.
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August 6th - Video Message (And only kinda sorry for this)

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[ Coming from her room in the All Blue is Adela, seeming a little distracted and perhaps a little flustered. Why? Well... ]

Keith, are you there? I... I suppose...

[ She has to yell at herself to stop fumbling over her words, and she takes a deep breath before finally looking up to the feed again. ]

I suppose I am trying to say, it has been some time since I have seen you, and... I was wondering if that was in part a fault of mine. I should have told you sooner, but I had been staying at the All Blue in the east district, and I intend to continue living here. In case you have been looking for me in the south. I... I apologize if I cause you worry, for that.


That aside, ah... How have you been, Keith? I have not seen you since speaking with you on the beach, and it is a little worrying at times to not hear from you for so long.

... Oh! [ Finally she's wearing a smile, still nervous but at least genuine enough, unliked the forced smile she wore for Keith the last time they spoke. ]

And, ah, the others have agreed to help me rebuild my forge, so once it is built, if I am not at the All Blue, I am most likely to be found there. Perhaps I can show you some of my work at some point -- it will be nothing like your light sword [ a.k.a. his bayard ] or that strange transforming sword you have shown me, but I still intend to become a master, and... Well, who better to test these blades than a fellow swordsman, right?

I suppose I will talk to you somewhere soon...


Good bye.

[ Ending the message there, eep. ]
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[ She nods to him, finally seeming to relax a little when he responds. ]

Of course. The forge... We were thinking of setting it up near the Coliseum in the East, so that may be a good place to practice.

[ She pauses, her smile fading because Nehra... It would come to mind now. After a moment she sighs, no longer quite looking at the journal. ]

... Keith, I did not ask this of you before, but... When Papillon attacked the city and tried to control people... Were you safe, then? They did not harm or control you?
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I... I am glad to hear that.

[ Sigh, no, that's not what she wanted to say. She tries to smile, but it's definitely tired. Just thinking about what happened, it was a close call and maybe she is making too much of it but it's clearly still bothering her even as she makes herself talk about it. ]

I was not so fortunate. He managed to affect my sword for a time. It is gone now, and while it was there I did manage to resist it, but... Well, it still happened.

If he does come after you, it will arrive in the form of a black butterfly. Just... Be careful, all right? It can poison your mind, and it was only luck that kept it from taking me over from the looks of it.
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[ She can't stop herself before she's wearing a smile, a false one that Keith has seen before. One she wears when she doesn't want others worrying for her sake, to convince them that she's all right. Maybe even to convince herself.

Who knows how effective that is, though. ]

I am. Like I said, I managed to resist it, and it was thanks to the deva Antovil that my sword was cleansed of the butterfly in it. It may have been difficult for a while, but nothing terrible happened while it was in there at the least.
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[ Well.

She seems surprised by the sudden statement, and she blinks at her journal before relaxing. ]

Uhm... All right. Is there anything I should bring with me?

[ Keith surely has his reasons for inviting her, even if she's not entirely sure of why. She can ask when she gets there at least. ]
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[ Long pause, she's feeling a little awkward suddenly... ]

I... I would not know, really. I should hope so?

[ Rubbing the back of her neck now, can she end the conversation now? ]

And, ah, is there anything I should bring, Keith?
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R-Right! Of course!

[ She nods, and it's not going to be a problem for her to bring it because it's not holding an Akuma anymore, so what would be the harm? ]

I should be there soon, then. Unless you wish to meet me part way?
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That will work. I shall see you there soon!

[ Closing her book and getting ready to go out, though... Hopefully Keith doesn't mind Adela showing up in a cute outfit, though she's still wearing her normal boots and carrying her sword on her.

What? Even Adela likes to look cute sometimes!

It doesn't take her too long to reach the Western Gate, though chances are Keith has gotten there before her. When she does spot him she'll wave before walking over, feeling a little more relaxed than she did before. ]

Right. Shall we head off then?
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[ Hey, she can move well enough in it so it's good enough for her. And at least this way she doesn't have to worry about a skirt like Allura would in the dress.

At the question she seems a little thrown off, staring for a moment before seeming thoughtful as she speaks. ]

Well... I faintly remember Ace telling me of things like movie theatres, restaurants, and something called "laser tag" in the South District, if any of that appeals? Or we can explore some of the other districts to see what they have to offer -- I admit I have not been to the North nearly as much as I should aside from going to practice bending there.

... Or we can simply make certain the creatures here are not going to harm anyone happening upon the West, if you would prefer.
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Me neither, truthfully. The closest I have come is when Ace has dragged me fishing. At home, I either worked in the forge, was doing chores around home, or was practicing swordplay most days.

[ She can't help chuckling a little bit, shaking her head before looking up to him. ]

Maybe there is something else we can do for fun? I would rather not have sparring against you become dull simply because we did so too often.
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[ Oh... She can't help feeling warm, her smile growing with that statement. Is she blushing? She doesn't know, she hopes she's not, but she can't help feeling really happy with that regardless. ]

It... It is fun to spar against you as well. A lot of it. Perhaps we should find a place to do so then?